09/01/2022   Burjassot (ESP): Luis Manuel Corchete Martinez wins the 10th Gran Premio de marcha Ciudad de Burjassot



The "X Grand Premio de marcia Ciudad de Burjassot" valid as an Autonomous Championship of the Valencian Community took place in Burjassot (ESP).
Participation is discreet not only in the most important competitions, but also in those reserved for the youth sectors.
20km men
Ten athletes at the start.
Unequivocal victory by Luis Manuel Corchete Martinez (ESP) who remained in the lead for all 20 laps of the race finishing his fatigue in 1:26:00
These are his split times each 5km:
- 5km: 20:58
- 10km: 42:15 (21:17)
- 15km: 1:03:45 (21:30)
- last 5km in 22:15
Second place to Jorge Lopez de la Curva (ESP) in 1:33:15 after a stop of 120 second in the penalty area
Third place to Jose Ignacio Aledo Romera In 1: 34.53
20km women
Three athletes at the start and only two completed the race.
Victory to Andrea Cabre Carceller (ESP) in 1:47:13
Second place to Zaira Zafra Orosa (ESP) in 2:15:39
10km U18 boys
Five athletes at the start; only 3 completed the race with 2 DQs
Victory to Joan Querol Serrano (ESP) in 48:20 (after a pass in the middle of the race in 23:37)
Second place to Teo Perez Almarza (ESP) in 50:54
Third place went to Carlos Box Pascual (ESP) in 54:50
10km U18 girls
Ten athletes at the start.
Victory to Laura Rios Valle (ESP) in 53:23 (after a pass in the middle of the race in 26:11)
Second place to Claudia Ventura Vicent (ESP) in 54:00
Third place to Emma Almenar Garcia (ESP) in 54:35




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