31/01/2022   Adler, Sochi (RUS): Great mark of Vasily Mizinov in the 20km of the All Russian Winter Championships


Today and tomorrow race walking return to Russia in Sochi for the traditional winter edition of the Russian Championships, which many times have reserved very high level results.
The races have been taking place for some years now on a course designed in the Sochi racetrack located in the park of the same name not far from the Adler city center and the Sochi international airport.
The border with Georgia is not far east of the racetrack and is marked by the Psou River which flows into the Black Sea.


In the past, Adler was a mythical city for walking, the scene in the years between 1965 and 1980 of many international battles between the national teams of the GDR and USSR, with invitations also extended to the cream of the European race walkers of those times.


Today Adler and the Sochi racetrack welcome Russian walkers on a not very favorable day.

Rain and wind will accompany the walkers, while the temperature at the start of the events was between 5° and 7° Celsius.

We immediately thank Ivan Astradamov who kindly provided us with these indications and the subsequent ones that we will publish in almost real time; we thanks him also for photos.



The first day


A review of the All Russia Racewalking Championship, Sochi 2022.
The course was prepared buy qualified personel with a participation technical deligate Semyonov Viktor.
First Day of competitions was organized on the proffesional F1 course in Sochi. 
The course was measured by official A class WA measurer Mikhaylovskiy Ilya. 
There were 6 qualified RW judges who organized judging of the Event.
All of them had confirmed their categories of RW judges on the exams in May, 2021 in Cheboksary

35km men
Fourteen athletes at the start. 
- at 10km four athletes lead the race: Sergey Kozevnikov, Sergey Sharypov, Alexandr Garin and Sergey Rakov. Their passage is 42:33.
- at 20km Garin and Sharypov took the lead in 1:25:02 (with the second 10km in 42:29), while Kozevnikov and Rakov followed in 1:25:10 (with the second 10km in 42:37)
In the last 15km Sergey Rakov is stopped by the jury in the penalty zone by 3:30 and exits from the game for medals.
Sergey Kozevnikov instead forces his pace and with a split of 1:02:26 on the last 15km is on the way to victory.
Sergey Sharypov, Alexandr Garin fight for the two minor medals until the end, and it will be Sharypov who wins over the opponent for 25 seconds.
Victory to Sergey Kozevnikov (RUS) in 2:27:16
Second place to Sergey Sharypov (RUS) in 2:30:00
Third place to Alexandr Garin (RUS) in 2:30:25
Fourth place went to Sergey Rakov (RUS) in 2:32:16
35km women
Seven athletes at the start.
Quick start of Elena Lashmanova who passes alone at 10km in 44:10. Followed by Margherita Nikiforova (45:47) and Daria Golubečkova (46:35)
At 20km the situation did not change: Lashmanova in 1:29:03 (44:53), Nikiforova in 1:31:24 (45:37) and Daria Golubečkova in 1:33:43 (47:08)
In the last 15km Elena Lashmanova unexpectedly collapses, covering the last 15km in 1:14:56 and also has to struggle to defend the silver.
Margherita Nikiforova instead continues on her pace in 1:10:04 and sets out to victory
Victory to Margherita Nikiforova (RUS) in 2:41:28
Second place to Elena Lashmanova (RUS) in 2:43:59
Third place to Daria Golubečkova (RUS) in 2:44:29



20km men
The next distance was 20km men and together with them there were also 20km U23 and U20 (women) for 10km. 

As for the men distance, up to 15km Sergey Shirobokov (Mordovia) was the leader, but after that point, Vasiliy Mizinov (Chelyabinsk) changed the pace and moved himself to the leader position. 
As for U23, all leader positions from the start till the end of the course was for the athletes from Chelyabinsk: Grudkin Kirill, Selin Artyom, Ishmametyev Alexey.

Great mark of Vasily Mizinov (ANA) who wins in 1:17:47 new personal best (previous of 1:18:32 always obtained on this course in Sochi on 18.2.2019).
Obviously, being at the beginning of the 2022 season, this performance is the world season best. We'll see how long it will be.
Second place to Sergey Shirobokov (RUS) in 1:18:36
Third place went to Anton Kurbatov (RUS) in 1:21:03
As for Juniors, U20, men 10km, from start time to finish there was only one leader - Danila Martynov (Mordovia). 
Second place to Evgeniy Zhdakayev (Mordovia) 
Third place to Dmitry Gramachkov (Chelyabinsk).
20km women
An excellent time for the winner Elvira Khasanova Chepareva (RUS) who wins the winter title in 1:26:42 and improves her personal best by 1 second (previous of 1:26:43 always obtained on this course in Sochi on 17.2 .2020).
Second place to Klavdiya Afanasyeva (RUS) in 1:27:47
Third place in Marina Novikova (RUS) in 1:28:11
As for U23 (women), the first place was given to Shishkova Alina (district of Moscow) 
Second place to Koltasheva Natalya, (Chelyabinsk) 
And the third place goes to Kosenkova Darya (Kemerovskaya district). 


U20 results in the results section