05/02/2022   Erfurt (GER): Linke wins 3,000m indoor at the 9th Erfurt Indoor Meeting




Tuesday 1 February 2022 Erfurt GER) hosted the 9th edition of the Erfurt Indoor Meeting
The meeting took place in the indoor facility dedicated to the great German walker Hartwig Gauder who passed away in 2020
3.000m indoor walk
During the meeting, a 3,000m indoor walking race was held which saw the participation of four athletes: Christopher Linke, Nils Brembach, Jonathan Hilbert and Karl Junghannss.
Very fast start and at 1.000m Nils Brembach leads the quartet in 3:40:45.
The situation changes in the next 1,000m and at two thirds of the way into the race Christopher Linke is lonely in the lead in 7:10:47, followed by Karl Junghannss and local idol Nils Brembach. More behind Jonathan Hilbert.
With the last 1.000m covered in 3:48:47 Christopher Linke (GER) wins the victory in 10:58.94
Second place to Nils Brembach (GER) in 11:27.29
Third place went to Jonathan Hilbert (GER) in 11:43.94
Karl Junghannss is disqualified by the jury for irregular walk