04/03/2022   Muscat (OMA): first day - 20 km. Women in afternoon session




The women's 20km race is the one that suffers the most in terms of notoriety as athletes at the start.

Of the top eight athletes classified in Tokyo 2020, only two are present here in Muscat. They are Alegna Gonzalez (MEX) and Antigoni Ntrismpioti (GRE) respectively fifth and eighth classified.


Yang Jiayu (CHN) and Emily Vamusyi Ngii (KEN) soon take the lead and soon leaves the company of the world record holder.

The Chinese is the big favorite of the day and she will be looking to improve the lackluster technical performances of Doha and Sapporo.

The transition to 2km takes place in 8:45 for the leader, followed by Ngii (8:47) and a group including Yang Liujing (CHN), Ma Zhenxia (CHN), Ma Li (CHN) and Kimberly Garcia Leon (PER) passing in 8:51.

Already at 3km three Chinese are leading the race followed by Kimberly Garcia and another Chinese. The score of the music of the day seems to have already been written.

But Zhenxia joins her teammate at 4km (17:45) and they are followed by Kimberly Garcia (17:46) and the other two Chinese (17:51). Alegna Gonzalez (MEX) is sixth in 18:23.


At 5km: But Zhenxia, ​​Kimberly Garcia and Yang Jiayu in order drive in 22:11. Followed by: Yang Liujing (22.22) burdened with two red cards, Ma Li (22:29), Alegna Gonzalez and Nanako Fujii (JPN) in 22:54.

The first three go to 6km in 26:48 with an advantage of 18 seconds. Setting the pace is Bydgoszcz 2016 U20 World Champion Ma Zhenxia.

Seven km in 31:14 and 8km in 35:52. We are at a pace of 4: 38 / km. Alegna Gonzalez and Nanako Fujii joined the other Chinese Ma Li in fifth position (also with a red card).

At 9km the passage is 40:20.


At the halfway point the trio passes in 44:47 (seconds 5km in 22:37) with a slower pace than the first 5km. Alegna Gonzalez and Nanako Fujii reached and overtook the two Chinese, while in eighth place Antigoni Ntrismpioti (46:42).

She was stopped in the penalty area and immediately after disqualified Yehualeye Beletew (ETH).

At 11km the three pass in 49:23 and Ma Zhenxia seems to lead her teammate towards a safe haven, as team victory is at stake. After 50 minutes Kimberly Garcia comes off a few meters. The advantage of the two increases visibly and there is no longer any problem of winning: she will be a Chinese.






At 13km: the two Chinese pass in 58:18 followed by Kimberly Garcia in 58:34, Alegna Gonzalez and Nanako Fujii in 58:58.

Three quarters of the race: the two Chinese pass in 1:07:32 (third 5km in 22:45), Garcia Leon follows in 1:07:55, Fujii and Gonzalez in 1:09:22, Liujing Yang in 1: 10:00 and Antigoni Ntrismpioti in 1:10:22

After 1:11:00 race Ma Zhenxia forces the pace and gains about ten meters. It seems to see the same duel as Sapporo, but with the main actress not Antonella Palmisano but the teammate. We will see how it ends.


At 17km: Ma Zhenxia in 1:16:35, Yang Jiayu in 1:16:53, Kimberly Garcia in 1:17:34 followed by Gonzalez and Fujii in 1:18:47

At the bell Ma Zhenxia leads with an almost unbridgeable advantage.
Intermediate times:

- 5km: 22:11 - Ma Zhenxia (CHN)

- 10km : 44:57 (22:46) - Ma Zhenxia (CHN)

- 15km: 1:07:32 (22:35) - Ma Zhenxia (CHN)

- last 5km in 22:50 - Ma Zhenxia (CHN)

Vicotry to Ma Zhenxia (CHN) in 1:30:22

Second place to Yang Jiayu (CHN) in 1:31:54

Third place to Kimberly Garcia Leon (PER) 1:32:27

Fourth place to Alegna Gonzalez (MEX) in 1:32:34

Fifth place to Nanako Fujii (JPN) in 1:33:16

Sixth place to Antigoni Ntrismpioti (GRE) in 1:34:54

Seventh place to Yang Liujing (CHN) in 1:34:59

Eight place to Saskia Feige (GER) in 1:35:24

Nine place to Valentina Trapletti (ITA) in 1:36:44





Team standings:

1.- China: points 10

2.- Greece: points 30

3.- India: points 61

4.- Lituania: points 82 




(Foto di Maurizio Damilano - ITA)



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