02/04/2022   Podebrady (CZE): Race Walking Tour Gold Level - morning events




The 90th anniversary day of Podebrady Walking begins on a cold and cloudy morning.
The afternoon of the eve had also brought back memories with the fall of some snowflakes on the morning of April 20, 1997, in the World Cup, when the cold and snow stopped 14 athletes in the 50km, including some important names who made the history of the march: Axel Noack (GER), German Skurygin (RUS), Gianni Perricelli (ITA), Ignacio Zamudio (MEX), Zhao Yongshen (CHN) and Ivan Trotzkiy (BLR).
5km U18 boys
It starts at 9:30 am 5km U18 boys to whom only eleven young athletes show up at the start: 3 from Slovakia, 2 from Ireland, 1 from Germany, 1 from Hungary and 4 from the Czech Republic.
It is immediately clear that Lukas Rosenbaum (SVK) will have no difficulty in winning the race.
After a first km covered in 4:23 in the company of Andrew Glennon (IRL), the young Slovakian forces his pace in the 2nd km which he covers in 4:28 and behind Glennon by 7 seconds (8:51 vs 8:58).
In third place is the strongest home athlete, Matej Pitak (CZE) who passes at 2km in 23:41.
In the last 3km Lukas Rosenbaum continues with his pace gaining an average of 9 seconds per km over his main opponent, but the order of values ​​does not change.
Victory to Lukas Rosenbaum (SVK) in 22:37
Second place to Andrew Glennon (IRL) in 23:11
Third place to Matej Pitak (CZE) in 23:41
Nine of the atletes at the start completed the race; all nine set their personal best. Two are disqualified.
5km U18 girls
The participation of women in the U18 competition is much higher: 28 young athletes present themselves at the start.
But in the girls, obtaining the victory involves a fight almost to the end.
There are two girls who take the lead at the start and up to 3km walking shoulder to shoulder: Aliisa Kiiski (FIN) and the young home athlete Ema Klimentova (CZE).
These are their passages:
- 1km: 4:47
- 2km: 9:37 (4:50)
- 3km: 14:35 (4:55)
In third place is another representative of the Czech Republic, Adela Pittnerova (14:51) with a ten-second advantage over Aisling Lane (IRL) who passes in 15:02.
Shortly before the 4km the Finnish forces the pace and gains 4 seconds on the home athlete (19:31 against 19:35).
It is the action of victory, since it will never be resumed
Victory to Aliisa Kiiski (FIN) in 24:19
Second place to Ema Klimentova (CZE) in 24:24
Third place to Adela Pittnerova (CZE) in 25:00
Fourth place in Aisling Lane (IRL) in 25:04
(Photo thanks to Frederic Bianchi - SUI)