24/04/2022   Hauppauge, NY (USA) Nick Christie and Miranda Melville win the USA 20km championship




The US 20km Distance Walking Championships also took place on Sunday 24 April in Hauppauge, NY.
As always happens, the Championships were "open" and also saw the participation of foreign athletes on a course of 10 laps with a distance of 2km each.
20km men
It was certainly the most interesting race.
Even though the favorite was, and remained, Nick Christie (USA) thought a lap Ben Thorne (CAN) to make the initial phase of the race more interesting.
The transition to 2km took place at 8:30 am for Christie and 8:39 am for Thorne. Behind them Daniel Nehnevaj (USA) and Carlos Mercenario Arsof (MEX).
But already on the third lap (6km) the positions were well defined: in the lead Nick Christie was leading the race in 33:21.
At 5km the split times were as follows: Nick Christie in 41:35 in front of Ben Thorne in 43:20
They were followed by Emmanuel Corvera (USA), Carlos Mercenario Arsof (MEX) and Daniel Nehnevaj (USA)
In the second part of the race Nick Christie slowed down his pace a bit by ringing laps on the basis of 8:23, 8:30, 8:42, 8:48 and 8:43 which in any case allowed him to easily win the race in 1:24:36
Ben Thorne also had difficulty keeping his second place in 1:27:29
Third place went to Daniel Nehnevaj in 1:30:08
Fourth place to young Carlos Mercenario Arsof (born on July 26, 2000) in 1:30:26 new personal best (previous of 1:30:38 established in Adelaide, AUS on 9.2.2020)
20km women
The test took place concurrently.
Victory for Miranda Melville (USA) in 1:36:01
These are her steps every 2km lap: 9:40, 9:36, 9:34, 9:30, 9:31, 9:41, 9:41, 9:34, 9:44 and 9:35
Second place to Natalia Alfonzo (VEN) in 1:37:21 new personal best (previous of 1:41:38 also established in Hauppauge, NY, USA on 21.10.2018)
Third place went to Maria Michta-Coffey (USA) in 1:39:55