04/05/2022   Voronovo (RUS): Mizinov gets the best world seasonal performance on 10km (39:08)



The traditional edition of the 2022 Voronovo Cup marching took place on Monday 2 May 2022 in Voronovo, about seventy km from Moscow.
Obviously participation was restricted to athletes from Russia.
As usual, the Voronovo Cup takes place over a distance of 10km.
Thanks to our friend Sergey Nochevnyy for the collaboration and for the photos.
10km men
Nine athletes were at the start, but among them were at least five of the best-known names in the current Russian march: Vasiliy Mizinov, Kirill Frolov, Artem Selin, Dmitry Gramachkov and Kirill Shutov.
Lightning fast start of Dmitry Gramachkov covering the first km in 3:59. Followed by: Kirill Shutov (4:00), Vasily Mizinov (4:01), Artem Selin (4:02).
Gramachkov remains at the head of the group of leaders up to 3km (11:58), followed by Kirill Shutov and Vasiliy Mizinov.
Between the 4th and 5th km there is a change of pace by the leaders (3:54) and the passage in the middle of the race takes place in 19:56 with Mizinov in the lead, followed by Gramachkov (19:58) and Evgeny Dobrynkin (19:59).
In the second part of the race up to 7km the pace does not change.
Between the 7th and 9th km the decisive action put in place by Vasily Mizinov with an impressive change of pace (two laps at 3:48) to which no one puts up any resistance.
With a last km in 3:47 Mizinov is on his way to victory.
Victory to Vasily Mizinov (ANA) in 39:08 best seasonal world performance which improves the 39:10 set in Hangzhou (CHN) on 17.4: 2022 by Wen Yongjie (CHN)
Second place to Kirill Frolov (RUS) in 39:33
Third place to Artem Selin (RUS) in 39:48



10km women
Only five athletes at the start of the race that will live in the battle for victory between Nadejda Sergeeva and Marina Novikova
Halfway through the race the pair passes in 21:41 (4:18; 4:19; 4:21; 4:22; 4:21). The third athlete is Kristina Lyubushkina in 22:05.
It is immediately clear that the victory will be a two-way affair.
Nadejda Sergeeva and Marina Novikova both try, and as she passes the 9km Sergeeva gets a 2-second advantage that she manages to keep to the finish.
Victory to Nadejda Sergeeva (RUS) in 43:05
Second place to Marina Novikova (RUS) in 43:07
Third place went to Kristina Lyubushkina (RUS) in 44:56