21/05/2022   La Nucia (ESP): Ibero-Americans to Alvaro Martin (ESP) and Laura Garcia-Caro (ESP)




The morning session of the second day of the 19th Ibero-American Championships had two walking events on the 10,000m track walk distance.
The two tests took place on a beautiful sunny day in the stadium of La Nucia, a city north-east of Alicante (ESP) on a very hot and not very windy morning.
10,000m track walk men
Punctual departure at 9:40am with ten athletes at the start representing Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Atgentina, Honduras and Spain.
The prediction on the eve indicated only one favorite for the win, Alvaro Martin (ESP), and was widely respected.
Alvaro Martin, who this season had already achieved a respectable season best 15 days ago in Murcia (39:35.11) today improved by 51 seconds his PB, signing the new season best of 39:24.20. For him this result has no effect in the seasonal world list, in fact he always remains in the position behind the 39:22.0h obtained by Kyle Swan (AUS) in Canberra (AUS) on 22.1.2022.
The men's race was a recital by the Spaniard Álvaro Martín, current European champion of the 20km and second in the Team World Championship in Muscat in February, who distinguished himself from his opponents from the start. Behind him the Brazilian Caio Oliveira de Sena, who has gradually distanced himself from the Spaniard.
These are his split times every 1.000m:
- 1.000m in 3:52.79
- 2.000m in 7:47.71 (3:54.92)
- 3.000m in 11:38.54 (3:50.83)
- 4.000m in 15:34.46 (3:55.92)
- 5.000m in 19:29.40 (3:54.94)
- 6.000m in 23:26.25 (3:58.85)
- 7.000m in 27:24.96 (3:58.71)
- 8.000m in 31:20.37 (3:45.31)
- 9.000m in 35:17:65 (3:57.38)
- last 1.000m in 4:06.55
Second place to Caio Oliveira De Sena Bonfim (BRA), fresh from the third place obtained in Madrid last Monday in 39:13 on the road. He got the new personal best here on the track in 39:57.59. On this occasion Bonfim lowered the previous best (obtained in Blumenau, BRA, and dated 23.5.2009: 40:40.0h) of 42"01/100. Obviously 40:40:0 remains Brazil's U20 national record.
Third place went to Cesar Augusto Rodriguez (PER) in 40:13.13 not far from his personal best of 40 01.06




10,000m track walk women
Punctual departure at 10:45am.
Today's race represented the rematch on the track, of the Madrid road race on Monday between the two athletes who had obtained second place (Kimberly Garcia, PER) and third place (Laura Garcia-Caro, ESP) in the Spanish capital behind Qieyang Shenjie (CHN).
And as in all rematches we have seen a more interesting test than the men's race.
These are the split times and the leadership:
- 1.000m in 4:31:02 and Laura Garcia-Caro immediately takes the lead whose goal is in addition to the eventual victory, however, the cancellation of the personal best of 43:50.25 (Getafe, ESP 28.5.2016). She is followed by Ana Cabecinha (POR) and Kimberly Garcia (PER).
- 2.000m leads Ana Cabechina in 9:02.80 (4:31.78)
- 3.000m Ana Cabecinha still leads the race in 13:27.28 (4:24.47) but the pace has increased
- 4.000m review to lead the Laura Garcia-Caro race in 17:51.88 (4: 24.61) and the pace is constant
- 5.000m continues Laura Garcia-Caro's leadership in 22:18.05 (4:26.17)
The Spaniard then greatly increased her pace, making the Portuguese Cabecinha give up but without achieving the same with the Peruvian. When it seemed that Kimberly would break away, the Peruvian launches a surprise attack with which she leads the race. But Laura Garcia-Caro manages to stay attached to her.
- 6.000m the pace increases again and the first two pass in 26: 37.91 (4:15.86)
- 7.000m always fast pace and the first two pass in 30: 58.98 (4:15.07)
- 8.000m the pace decreases and Kimberly Garcia tries to take the lead in 35:13.42 (4:24.44)
- 9.000m always leading Kimberly Garcia in 39:28.88 (4:25.46)
Laura Garcia-Caro (ESP) smells of glory today. Despite being burdened with two red cards, Spaniard Laura García-Caro launched a lightning and definitive attack 500 meters from the end.
Her last 1,000m of her are covered in 4:14.84 which brings her success and also her personal best.
Second place to Kimberly Garcia (PER) in 43:41.50, season best
Third place to Ana Cabecinha (POR) in 33:23.69, season best