02/06/2022   Bursa (TUR): U18 and U20 Championships and Olympic Trial




The Turkish U18 Championship took place in Bursa, Turkey on 26 and 27 May.
Subsequently on May 28th and 29th the Turkish U20 Championship took place on May 28th - 29th and the Olympic Trial Seniors competitions over the distance of 20000m on the Bursa track.
In Bursa which is located at an altitude of only 100m above sea level, the air temperature was 33 degrees in the first two days, the humidity was 65% and the last two days it was 35 and 70 degrees % humidity.
Bursa is a historic city that became the capital of the Ottoman Empire. It is also known as the city of princes.
5.000m U18 girls
Eight athletes at the start.
Victory for Tulin Ek in 25:34.54 new personal best (previous of 28:24.3h established on 16.9.2020 in Diyarbakir, TUR)
Second place to Era Bingol in 26:32.68
Third place to Aysima Doganer in 27:58.13

10,000m U18 boys
Fifteen athletes at the start.
Victory for Seyhmus Capat in 46:03.07 new personal best (previous of 47:57.21 established on 3.7.2021 in Kutahya, TUR)
Second place to Mehmet Gungor in 46:56.33
Third place to Yusuf Toprak in 47:09.75
10,000m U20 women
Ten athletes at the start.
Victory for Emine Ceylan in 50:05.28 new personal best (previous of 51:56.76 established on 10.4.2021 in Bursa, TUR)
Second place to Elif Nur Ozbey in 52:29.32
Third place to Rojbin Say in 58:18.63
10,000m U20 men
Twelve athletes at the start.
Victory for Mazlum Demir in 42:01.76 new personal best (previous of 42:47.56 established on 17.7.2021 in Tallin, EST)
Second place to Hayrettin Yıldız in 43:08.15 new personal best (previous of 43:34.24 established on 6.6.2021 in Bursa, TUR)
Third place in Diyar Bayram in 44:01.74
20.000m track walk senior men
Only three athletes at the start.
Victory to Serhat Gungor in 1:34:11.45
Second place to Mirar Guda in 1:52:54.46