24/06/2022   Nerja (ESP): Laura Garcia-Caro wins the Spanish Championship with the second world performance of the year




This weekend is a weekend of National Championships.
Among the most important are those of Spain and those of Italy.
While in Italy the two walking events will take place on the road in the late afternoon of today Friday 24 June in Spain today only the women's race on the 10,000m track walk took place. That of men will take place on Saturday June 25 at 9:45.
In Spain the races are held in Nerja east of Malaga.
10,000m track walk women
A nice parterre of 21 athletes showed up at the start.
Among the well-known names of the Spanish women's walk, the only missing athlete is Maria Perez, as well as Julia Takacs who has recently decided to hang up her shoes, but who will probably dedicate herself to training in the future.
Laura García-Caro's triumph in the 10,000-meter walk was one of those that mark an era. We can use adjectives such as indisputable, sensational or unappealable, none of these would not be enough to define the way in which Laura Garcia-Caro got the victory today.
Soon a group of four athletes forms at the head of the race with Laura herself, Lidia Sánchez-Puebla, Raquel González and Marina Peña. The latter, however, will soon lose contact with the others.
The first 1.000m saw Lidia Sánchez-Puebla in the lead in 4:30.72, but shortly after the passage of the first 1000m, Laura Garcia-Caro took the lead in the race and began to distinguish herself from her rivals, initially accompanied by Raquel Gonzalez.
But already at 2.000m it is clear that the Andalusian athlete has started a walk unattainable for her opponents. The passage is 8:52.57 with the second 1.000m covered in 4:21.85.
She clock up the kilometers with blazing speed:
- 3.000m in 13:13.81 (4:21.24)
- 4.000m in 17:30.74 (4:16.93)
- she passes half of the race in 21:48.46 (4:17.72) and she begins to round the other athletes.
The gap gradually widens, and Laura Garcia-Caro's walk appears very determined, with enormous confidence, managing to double all the athletes except (and barely) Raquel González.
These are her next split times:
- 6.000m in 26:07.35 (4:18.49)
- 7.000m in 30:24.79 (4:17.44)
- 8.000m in 34:43.31 (4:18.52)
- 9.000m in 39:01.01 (4:17.70)
- last 1.000m in 4:15.75
Unspeakble victory in 43:16.76 which represents the new personal best of the athlete who shatters the one established on this same track (43:33.72) last May 21 when she wins the Ibero-American Championships. Just to give a comparison of the growth we tell our readers that last season she had only obtained the mark of 44:49.31 and that she did not go under the wall of 44:00 from 21.7.2018 (Getafe). If we add to this the mark of 43:50 obtained in Madrid in the road distance, the season promises to be quite interesting for Laura Garcia-Caro.
We add that this is the second performance in the world in the 2022 season after the 42: 39.2h obtained by Jemima Montag (AUS) on 22.2.2022 in Camberra (AUS).
Second place to Quel Gonzalez in 45:03.76
Third place to Lidia Sanchez-Puebla in 45:13.17