28/06/2022   Caen (FRA): Gabriel Bordier and Clémence Beretta win at the French national championships with the new French record




The two walking events on 10,000m track walk distance of the French National Championships were scheduled for Sunday morning at the Hélitas stadium in Caen (FRA).
The walkers took advantage of the still very present sun to warm up the weather.



10,000m track walk men


As leader of the race, Gabriel Bordier gave a real recital, very quickly widening a substantial gap with Aurélien Quinion and Kevin Campion, who nevertheless took turns so as not to leave too many advances to the runaway.

But Bordier had very good legs and never relaxed in the effort of him.

On the contrary, he continued to gain second kilometer after kilometer over the minutes of the race,


His victory arrived after completing his 10,000m in 38:15.55. It could have been the best world performance of the year on the short distance, if it were not that in the same hour in Dublin the "Sueco Loco" which responds to the name of Perseus Karlstrom had obtained the 37:57.02 which shattered the temporary dream of Gabriel Bordier.

But there are only a handful of seconds left for Yohann Diniz’s great French record: 38:08.13, which dates back to the year of his 50km world record (2014).

Enough to face lightly his preparation for the European Championships in Munich on the 20 km.


Second place to Aurélien Quinion in 39:28.56 who gets the new personal best (and for the first time under the 40:00 wall). The previous best was dated 21 June last year and was obtained in Angers (FRA) in 40:57.03

Third place went to Kevin Campion in 39:54.30







10,000m track walk women


Clémence Beretta brilliantly took the baton a few minutes later, over the same distance.

The Athlé Vosges Entente Clubs walker left no more suspense on the outcome of the French championship, quickly breaking away from rival Eloïse Terrec to focus on herself.

The suspense of her instead was whether she had managed to improve her own French distance record.


This operation was achieved when Clémence Beretta reached the finish line in 44:08.72, thus breaking her French record about forty seconds.

Increased self-confidence Clémence Beretta will now do a high-altitude training in Italy to give herself all the chances to shine in Bavaria at the European Championships at the end of August.


Behind her, Eloïse Terrec has not given up despite the widening gap, and has also fallen below the old French record, in 44: 38.71, despite the lack of specific training sessions in recent weeks. Obviously, the previous best of 45:29.48, which dated 21 June last year and was obtained in Angers (FRA), has been shattered.

Third place to Laury Cerantola in 47:20.98




Risultati Ufficiali - Official results