04/07/2022   Best wishes to Erica Rocha de Sena and Andrés Choco for the birth of Kylian Andrés




Having forgotten the Olympic disappointment for a medal, Erica Rocha de Sena thought it was a good time to dedicate herself to motherhood.

Andres Chocho personally announced it to us in La Coruna that he would become a father and then we gave him double congratulations: the one that is due to the expansion of the family and the one just as important for him given the successes obtained during the 2022 season with Kimberly Garcia Leon who since this year she has entrusted herself to coach wuth him.
Unfortunately, we had almost forgotten about it, but we were happy to remind ourselves.
Our personal friend from Ecuador confirmed to us that on June 14 a boy was born who was given the name of Kylian Andrés Chocho Sena.
Greetings to the new mother and to the new father from Marcia dal Mondo.