26/07/2022   Banska Bystrica (SVK): victory of Daniel Monfort Moreno (ESP) at the EYOF 2022




Banska Bystrica (SVK) will host from 25 to 30 July the Olympic festival of European youth.
On the first day, the men's walking race on the distance of 5.000m on the track
Only six athletes at the start representing Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Turkey and the hosts of Slovakia.
The race starts immediately with an obligatory favorite Daniel Monfort Moreno (ESP) who last May 21st at Castellon (ESP) was capable of an excellent 21:31.37 which puts him in second place in the European seasonal category list behind to Frederick Weigel (GER) in 20:06.70.
Daniel Monfort Moreno starts immediately in the lead and it is immediately clear that the gold will belong to him; the only one remaining with him is Nick Joel Richardt (GER), but soon he will have to raise the white flag and pay attention to the recovery of the Italian athlete in third position Matteo Arisi (ITA).
These are  the split time every 1.000m. of the leader:
- 1.000m: 4:13.17
- 2.000m: 8:30:42 (4:17.25)
- 3.000m: 12: 50.13 (4:19.71)
- 4.000m: 17: 08.12 (4:17.59)
Richardt is soon joined by Arisi who, with three laps to go, takes the lead of the group of chasers.
Richardt's reaction is not long in coming and Arisi is cut off a little.
The race finale for silver and bronze between Nick Joel Richardt and Matteo Arisi reminds us a little of the 35km final between Massimo Stano and Masatora Kawano in Eugene.
Also in this case the one who was in front is imposed by rejecting the opponent's attack.
But in this case, there is only 1/100 of a second to divide the two contenders.
Victory to Daniel Monfort Moreno (ESP) in 21:22.02 with the new personal best
Second place to Nick Joel Richardt (GER) in 22:02.70 with the new personal best
Third place went to Matteo Arisi (ITA) in 22:02.71 with the new personal best which improves compared to 22: 09.44 obtained in Bressanone on May 29.