18/09/2022   Brescia (ITA): Andrea Cosi obtains the best Italian (sixth European) performance of the 2022 season on 10,000m track walk



It was 7.41 pm when in the stadium in Brescia named to Gabre Gabric the athletes who would have given life to one of the most beautiful track waking events of the 2022 season in Italy lined up with the starter's gunshot.

Thirteen men lined up in lane 1 and eleven women lined up in lane 5.

There are two disqualification boards and two penalty areas with the same support staff.



10,000m track walk men


In the 10,000m track walk the joy of Andrea Cosi, trained by Marco Ugolini explodes: the 21 year old of the Atletica Firenze Marathon, this year already dropped to 1:21:59 on the 20km before the tenth place in the European Championships, immediately sets an unsustainable pace for opponents and breaks down his limit with 39:13.80, less than half a minute from the best Italian U23 performance, in front of of Francesco Fortunato (Enterprise Sport & Service, 39:55.00) and the other U23 Riccardo Orsoni (Cus Parma), to the personal best in 40:00.55.

But behind these arid numbers there is a “re-adjustment” (but it takes a good dose of courage to call it “re-adjustment”) to your personal best of 2:01.10. An incredible performance for an end-of-season competition in a Club Championship Final in which athletes usually participate only to please the managers of their clubs.


Yesterday, no, it didn't really happen like that and we saw it right from the gunshot.

Andrea Cosi jumps off and leads the race immediately, stunned by the fiercest pair of opponents: Francesco Fortunato and Riccardo Orsoni who look at each other and maybe think: "but where does that one want to go?"

And "that one" wants to go far, towards a victory that not even he expected perhaps before the race, but courageously wanted with this incredible series of splits.


- 1.000m: 3:39.5

- 2.000m: 7:58.5 (3:59.0)

- 3.000m: 11:53.0 (3:54.5)

- 4.000m: 15:49.1 (3:56.1)

- 5.000m: 19:41.8 (3:52.7) also broken down his personal best on the distance of 19:52.98 established in Florence (ITA) on 2.5.2021

Encouraged by this split Cosi indulges in a dream that lasts another 12 and a half laps of the Gabre Gabric track.

However, his is a triumphal walk. Never a technical flaw, alert and careful tp the advice of Alessandro Gandellini who shouts to him to keep his arms fluid and not to harden with the body, and off towards what until yesterday seemed an impossible dream.

- 6.000m 23:39.0 (3:57.2)

- 7.000m 27:32.9 (3:53.9)

- 8.000m 31:26.6 (3:53.7)

- 9.000m 35:16.4 (3:59.8)

- last 1.000m in 3:57.40 best seasonal performance of 2022 and 6th European performance.

But if we only consider U23 athletes and exclude those from Russia because they cannot yet participate in international competitions, this performance takes on an even more important value. It is the first in the world in this 2022 season.



  Mark Competitor DOB Nat Venue Date
37:57.02 Perseus KARLSTRÖM 02 MAY 1990 SWESWE Dublin (IRL) 26 JUN 2022
38:14.24 Vasiliy MIZINOV 29 DEC 1997 ANAANA Cheboksary (RUS) 02 AUG 2022
38:18.55 Gabriel BORDIER 08 OCT 1997 FRAFRA Caen (FRA) 26 JUN 2022
38:33.10 Anton KURBATOV 10 FEB 2001 RUSRUS Cheboksary (RUS) 02 AUG 2022
39:06.28 Callum WILKINSON 14 MAR 1997 GBRGBR Birmingham (GBR) 07 AUG 2022
39:13.80 Andrea COSI 30 APR 2001 ITAITA Brescia (ITA) 17 SEP 2022
39:14.44 Sergey KOZHEVNIKOV 09 MAY 2001 RUSRUS Cheboksary (RUS) 02 AUG 2022
39:24.20 Álvaro MARTÍN 18 JUN 1994 ESPESP La Nucia (ESP) 21 MAY 2022
39:28.56 Aurélien QUINION 27 JAN 1993 FRAFRA Caen (FRA) 26 JUN 2022
10  39:43.56 Manuel BERMÚDEZ 12 DEC 1997 ESPESP Nerja (ESP) 25 JUN 2022




Even behind him they are given a good trashing.

For just over halfway through the race Francesco Fortunato and Riccardo Orsoni fought one after the other until Fortunato (personal best of 39:00.79 in Florence on 15.6.2019) forces his pace and takes off by about twenty meters Orsoni (personal best of 40:51.02 in Bergamo on 10.9.2020).

On the last lap Orsoni reacts, but it is too late. He ends furious as for 56/100 of a second he doesn't break down the 40:00.00 wall


The others are far away.





10,000m track walk women


In the women's 5,000 walk, the young Alexandrina Mihai has no fear of imposing the pace on Valentina Trapletti who is only 18 years older.

Even the two women show off a textbook technical gesture.

After the 3.000m Valentina Trapletti forces the pace and imposes her superiority.


These are her splits.

- 1.000m 4:14.6

- 2.000m 8:31.7 (4:17.1)

- 3.000m 12:43.8 (4:12.1)

- 4.000m 17:21.4 (4:37.6)

- last 1.000m in 4:33.31


Second place to Alexandrina Mihai who consoles herself with a small "re-adjustment" to the personal best on the distance by stopping the clock at 22:30:46 compared to 22:54.81 obtained in Rieti on 2.7.2022

Third place went to Beatrice Bertolone U18 from Turin in 24:24.50


It is almost 20:30 pm when in the mixed zone we see the compliments to Marco Ugolini from the technical staff for the result of Andrea Cosi, but above all for him, the embrace (with consequent kiss) of his girlfriend.


The day ends here.




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