06/01/2023   Canberra (AUS) - Supernova 2023 #1 - Victories of Jemima Montag (AUS) and Declan Tingay (AUS)




The highly anticipated 2023 Australian summer of athletics is set to attract the world’s biggest names down under, with a host of them already settled in. The World Athletics Race Walking Tour stops by the Australian Institute of Sport for tomorrow’s silver label Supernova #1 10,000m races.



10.000m track walk women


On paper, the women’s contest presents as one of the best on Australian soil since the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Many of the world’s premier women will call the Australian Institute of Sport home for six weeks to participate in a study led by Athletics Australia’s Brent Vallance, ahead of Supernova #2 on February 2 and the Australian 20km Race Walk Championships on February 12.


Entered athletes are thirty. The most known names are Jemima Montag (AUS), Valentina Trapletti (ITA), Antigoni Ntrismpioti (GRE) and Raquel Gonzalez but probably she will not be at the start due to some physical problems. Also Valentina Trapletti is not at the best of her physical conditions due to back problems and start for a training race.

One of the last arrived to the stage of Supernova is Sandra Lorena Arenas. She also probably will not compete, but probably we will see her racing in Supernova #2 on February 2 and the Australian 20km Race Walk Championships on February 12.


Immediately after the gun go to lead a group of four athletes: Jemima Montag (AUS), Olivia Sandery (AUS), Rebecca Henderson (AUS) and Antigoni Ntrismpioti (GRE). The tactical scheme of the race seems already defined. 





After 10minutes of the race (2,5km more or less) the leaders have and advantage of 30m on another four athletes (Clemente Beretta (FRA), Eloise Terrec (FRA), Valentina Trapletti (ITA) and Magaly Bonilla (ECU).

After other two laps Jemima Montag forces her pace and goes to lead with an advantage of about 10m. She will no longer be reached.





At half race the splits are the following:

- Jemima Montag: 22:08

- Antigoni Ntrismpioti: 22:14

The pace of the leaders increase and the gap between the two leaders and the others became unbridgeable


At the finish line the results are:

1.- Jemima Montag (AUS) in 43:35.74

2.- Antigoni Ntrismpioti (GRE) in 43:51.98

3.- Rebecca Henderson (AUS) in 45:13.81

4.- Olivia Sandery (AUS) in 45:19.63

5.- Clemence Beretta (FRA) in 46:01.73

6.- Eloise Terrec (FRA) in 46:26.73

7.- Magaly Bonilla (ECU) in 46:36.34

8.- Elizabeth McMillen (AUS) in 47:27.20






10.000m track walk men


Aside from the welcomed world ranking bonus points and prize money, today is a rematch of the at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

The actors are Declan Tingay (AUS) with Evan Dunfee (CAN) who beat him by five-seconds in Birmingham  a margin that proved the difference between gold and silver, and one that the 23-year-old Tingay will be out to eliminate.

Triple World Championships medallist Perseus Karlstrom (SWE) touched down in Australia with hopes to add to his golden record down under, but the 37:57.02 walker is unlikely to take to the start line.

The other two men in the field to shatter the 40:00 mark are Rhydian Cowley (AUS - coached by Brent Vallance) and Kyle Swan (AUS - coached by Jared Tallent).

Three are fifteen athletes at the start.


Immediately after the gun go to lead the four favorites.

At 5km split times are:

- Declan Tingay (AUS) in 19:44

- Rhydian Cowley (AUS) in 19:52

- Kyle Swan (AUS) in 19:58

- Evan Dunfee (CAN) in 20:03


The second part of the race continue with the same pace by the leader (19:44 + 19:40)

In the final lap Evan Dunfee gets the better of Kyle Swan and kick to move into third place.







On the line the arrival is:

1.- Declan Tingay (AUS) in 39:23.98

2.- Rhydian Cowley (AUS) in 39:46.15

3.- Evan Dunfee (CAN) in 40:04.50

4.- Kyle Swan (AUS) in 40:08.13

5.- Will Thompson (AUS) in 40:16:59

6.- Marius Ziukas (LTU) in 41:29:44

7.- Mitchell Baker (AUS) in 42:43.52

8.- Tim Fraser (AUS) in 42:52.42



(Photos by Alessandro Gandellini ITA)




Official results