16/01/2023   Santee, CA (USA): Nick Christie and Miranda Melville are the winners of the 35km USATF Championships


Santee in California (USA) hosted, in Trolley Square, the 2023 edition of the 35km USA Championships.
This competition was awarded the "Silver Label" by World Athletics
The prize money was very interesting.
Very interesting was the new course.
A lot of people was watching competitions, including the Major of Santee, John Minto, who was there watching in awe for about 30 minutes.




35km women


Again as in 2022 loudspeakers as Chula Vista’s Miranda Melville rolled to the finish line Sunday in Santee. She didn’t disappoint but she wasn’t very happy of the result.

In her debut race walk of 2023 at the 35-kilometer (21.75 miles) distance, the 33-year-old clocked 2:57:22. This mark is the new personal best .

Last season she clocked 3:00:19 and this year she broke her best prtformance by 2:57.


- 10km: leader is Robyn Stevens in 49:35 (first 5km in 24:41) followed by Miranda Melville and Maria Michta-Coffey in 50:51 (first 5km in 25:38) and Stephanie Casey in 51:58 (first 5km in 25:51)

- 20km: until 15km leaders was Robyn Stevens. At 20km Miranda Melville and Maria Michta-Coffey passed if front of the race in 1:40:50. Stevens is third in 1:41:02 and Casey is faourth inn 1:43:11

- 25km: Miranda Melville and Maria Michta-Coffey lead in 2:06:31, Stevens follows in 2:08:22 in front of Casey in 2:08:48

- 30km: Melville (2:32:05); Michta-Coffey (2:32:22); Casey (2:34:07); Stevens (2:37:55)

- last 5 km was covered by Miranda Melville in 25:17 and Maria Michta-Coffey in 26:17







Victory to Miranda Melville (USA) in 2:57:22

Second place to Maria Michta-Coffey (USA) in 2:58:39 new personal best (previous of 2:58:51 obtained on 22 July 2022 in Autzen Complex, Eugene, OR). Past season she arrived in third place after clocking 3:07:31 

Third place to Stephanie Casey (USA) in 3:00:05 new personal best (previous of 3:00:34 obtained on 22 July 2022 in Autzen Complex, Eugene, OR). Past season she arrived in second place after clocking 3:01:55

Fourth place to Ilse Ariadna Gjerrero (MEX) in 3:05:00
Fifth place to Robyn Stevens in 3:07:05





35km men


Getting more comfortable at 35K is El Cajon native Nick Christie, who won the men’s title Sunday morning in 2:44:16 exactly 6 minutes off his own pending American record of 2:38:16 set in Dublin, Ireland on 19.12.2021.


Victory to Nick Christie (USA) in 2:38:16

Below his split times:

- 5km: 23:02

- 10km: 45:20 (22:18)

- 15km: 1:06:56 (21:36)
- 20km: 1:30:38 (23:42)

- 25km: 1:53:50 (23:22)
- 30km: 2:18:18 (24:28)

- last 5km: 25:58







Second place to Daniel Nehnevaj (USA) in 2:47:48 new personal best (previous of 2:59:22 obtained here in Santee past season when he arrived in second place after clocking 2:49:22

Third place to John Cody Risch (USA) in 2:50:06 new personal best (previous of 3:05:27 obtained here in Santee past season when he arrived in fourth place after clocking 3:05:27

Fourth place to Jason Jya Hain Cherny (USA) who broke the wall of 3:00:00 at his first experience in 325km, clocking 2:58:13



(photos by Paul Nestor - Santee, CA - USA)




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