23/01/2023   Switzerland offers again indoor competitions after 40 years and perhaps more



Indoor walking is not widely practiced.
Europe and North America, on the other hand, continue undaunted to have this kind of competitions carried out both at the elite level and at the U20 and U18 level and also at the masters level.


However, when a country that had failed to do this kind of indoor competitions proposes them again after 40 years and perhaps more, this is pleasant news regardless of the results achieved.

This is the case of Switzerland.

This weekend in the St. Gall indoor sports hall once again took place in the context of the 3rd Stadtwerk-Hallenmeeting mit Jump-Night (WRC) a promotional event of two walking competitions (men and women) over the distance of 3,000m for masters organised by Roby Ponzio.


The goal of organisers would have been that to give better visibility of race walking in eastern part of Switzerland.

As we have already said, regardless of the results obtained by the master athletes, the primary goal of the organisers can be said to have been fully achieved.



3.000m indoor men


Victory to Cedric Bouele (SUI) in 14:07.73

Second place to Roby Ponzio (SUI) in 19:45.16

Third place to Daniel Raul (AUT) in 22:49.55

Fouerth place to Waldo Ponzio (SUI) in 24:10.19





3.000m indoor women


Victory to Kathrin Schulze (GER) in 16:09.83

Second place to Claudia Luthi (GER) in 18:47.44

Third place to Birtukan  Bouhele (ETH) in 21:03.08

Fourth place to Hélène Baptiste (SUI) in 25:08.40




(photos by Frederic Bianchi - SUI)




Official results