28/01/2023   Ciudad de Burjassot (ESP): Victories of Artur Mastianica (LTU) and Maria Perez (ESP)


Buriassot (ESP) hosted the Comunitat Valenciana Autonomic Championship on Saturday 21 January 2023.
The competition took place in a circuit of 2km in Avenida Vicente Andres Estelles.



20km men


Ten athletes at the start, but only seven completed the race.


Victory for Artur Mastianica (LTU) in 1:24:21

The Lithuanian athlete had a solo race from the very first laps. Already at the halfway point of the race (41:31) his advantage over the second athlete in the race was 3:14 which at the end of the race turned into 6:24

Second place to Jose Ignacio Aledo Romera (ESP) in 1:30:45 after being stopped in the penalty area for 120 seconds.

Third place to Jorge Lopez de la Cueva (ESP) in 1:31:21



20km women


Four athletes at the start, but only three completed the race.


Victory for Andrea Cabre Carceller (ESP) in 1:44:45 after passing halfway through the race in 51:21

Second place to Maria Dolores Marcos Valero (ESP) in 1:47:10

Third place to Maria Munoz Bartual (ESP) in 1:56:33



10km women


Victory to Maria Perez (ESP). After a slit time to 5km in 22:18 the Spanish athlete stopped the clock on the final time of 44:52 with a second part of the race 34 seconds higher than the first. This result represents the new record of the event, beating the previous one set by Amanda Cano (ESP) in 2019 with a time of 47:23.

Second place to Juste Perveneckaite (LTU) in 48:44

Third place to Claudia Ventura Vicent (ESP) in 51:54



10km U18 men


Probably the best race of the day finished with a very interesting result established by the very young Daniel Monfort Moreno (ESP) who finished his race in 43:56.

From the beginning, the young athlete from Playa de Castellon was in the lead and passed the 5km in 21.45. Also for him a slower second part of the race (22.11).

Second place to Pablo Zarate Briz (ESP) in 45:28

Third place to Joan that Serrano (ESP) in 47:53



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