02/02/2023   Canberra (AUS) - Supernova 2023 #2 - Victories of Jemima Montag (AUS) and Declan Tingay (AUS)



The second race-test of the Supernova 2023 took place this afternoon (local time).
Weather conditions aren't the best possible for walkers. Super windy contitions didn't in favour of the walk of athletes.
10,000m women
After a few laps on the track, Jemima Montag (AIS) Antigoni Ntrismpioti (GRE) and Raquel Gonzalez (ESP) lengthen the pace and gain ground on the others.
Their pass at 5,000m is 22:39.
The key moment of the race is marked by the 30 minutes when Raquel Gonzalez was on a stretch of the Greek and the Australian, while the two leaders proceed with alternating commands or in the straights shoulder to shoulder.
With 9 laps to go, the leading pair has an advantage over the third by over 20m.
The 32 minutes of the race struck when Jemima Montag with an overwhelming action detached the opponent gained about twenty meters in half lap of the track and Antoigoni Ntrismpioti had to raise the white flag for the victory.
Montag's advantage is growing visibly even if in the last laps her riding appears very relaxed.
Victory to Jemima Montag (AUS) in 43:46.01
Second place Antigoni Ntrismpioti (GRE) in 43:53.45
Third place to Raquel Gonzalez (ESP) in 44:51.51
Fourth place to Sandra Lorena Areanas (COL) in 45:02.92 returning to competitions after a long injury.
Fifht place to Clemence Beretta (FRA) in 45:15.99
Sixth place to Magaly Bonilla (ECU) in 45:35.33
Seventh place to Alannah Pitcher (AUS) in 46:39.37
Eight place to Valentina Trapletti (ITA) in 46:39.69
10,000m men
The male event has been like a copy of the women's one, more or less.
Two athletes leading for four/file laps (Declan Tinday, AUS and Perseus Karlstrom, SWE).

Between the third and fourth kilometers a strong and prolonged forcing by the Australian (more or less similar to that of Jemima Montag in the women's race) establishes what will then be her motive for the rest of the race.



Declan Tingay's passage to the 5km is less than 19 minutes (to be exact, it was clocked in 18:56), while Perseus Karlstrom walks about ten seconds late.
Further behind is Evan Dunfee (CAN).
The 23-year-old Australian athlete trained by Brent Wallance continues in his solitary fight against the clock to be able to obtain a significant performance (perhaps he was hoping for a result of less than 38 minutes).
However, he will still have to be satisfied with an excellent new personal best (38:03.78) that breaks his previous one of 38:42.33 obtained on 7.8.2022 at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham (GBR) in the last edition of the Commonwealth Games when he obtained the silver.
Moreover this mark is the new National Record carving 17-seconds off the previous record set by David Smith in 1985; the new Oceania record (obviously pending ratification) and the new Allcomers best performance.
Victory to Declan Tingay (AUS) in 38:03.78
Second place Perseus Karlstrom (SWE) in 38:35.43
Third place to Evan Dunfee (CAN) in 39:44.10
Fourth place to Rhydian Cowley (AUS) in 40:01.98
Fifht place to Kyle Swan (AUS) in 40:23.25
Sixth place to Will Thompson (AUS) in 40:49.47
Seventh place to Tim Fraser (AUS) in 41:00:14
Eight place to Carl Gibbons (AUS) in 42:07.85
Below the updated "all time" world list of 10.000m track walk (first 10 athletes).
To note that seven of ten was established after 2010 (past twelve years) and the older belong to the Czechoslovakianrace walking monument, Josef Pribilinec established in Banska Bystrica more than 17 years ago.



  Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
37:25.21 Eiki TAKAHASHI JPNJPN Inzai (JPN) 14 NOV 2020
37:25.90 Koki IKEDA JPNJPN Inzai (JPN) 14 NOV 2020
37:35.00 Yuta KOGA JPNJPN Inzai (JPN) 14 NOV 2020
37:53.09 Francisco Javier FERNÁNDEZ ESPESP Santa Cruz dTenerife (ESP) 27 JUL 2008
37:57.02 Perseus KARLSTRÖM SWESWE Dublin (IRL) 26 JUN 2022
37:58.08 Daisuke MATSUNAGA JPNJPN Kitami (JPN) 07 JUL 2018
37:58.6h Ivano BRUGNETTI ITAITA Sesto San Giovanni (ITA) 23 JUL 2005
38:02.60 Jozef PRIBILINEC TCHTCH Banská Bystrica (TCH) 30 AUG 1985
38:03.78 Declan TINGAY AUSAUS Canberra (AUS) 02 FEB 2023
10  38:06.28 Miguel Ángel LÓPEZ ESPESP Gijón (ESP) 24 JUL 2016





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