11/02/2023   Ancona (ITA): Lucrezia Nieri and Giuseppe Disabato are the U18 Indoor Champions 2023


First day of the Italian U18 Indoor Championships in Ancona with the two walking races.
Immediately the first surprise: both in the 3,000m indoor reserved to U18 girls and in the 5,000m indoor reserved to U18 boys, in consideration of the number of entered athletes, the technical delegate has decided that the competitions will take place in two timed sessions.
In the first the athletes with the highest times compete, in the second those who will fight for the medals.


Then begin the U18 girls divided into:

- first timed session: 10 athletes with accreditation times over 15:30.00

- second timed session: 9 athletes with accreditation times of less than 15:30.00

and then the U18 boys divided into:

- first timed session: 9 athletes with accreditation times over 24:15.00

- second timed session: 9 athletes with accreditation times of less than 24.:15.00


No later than yesterday in our web page we had reported the "cry of alarm" of the friends of the race walking in France to which the National Championship had been cancelled, in particular for reasons related “to the show”. Today, however, in Italy precisely to facilitate the show, and, we add, the ease of the always important task of judgment by the judges, the beautiful and courageous choice of the technical delegate, with whom we wish to congratulate.


We will only analyze the two races in which the accredited athletes with the best times will compete.



3.000m indoor U18 girls


It all seemed very easy for Serena Di Fabio, last year's winner of the U16 National Criterium, and accredited with the best time (14:11:98).

She goes to the head of the group since the shot of the gun and takes charge of leading the group.

Her spslit times in the head are:

- at 1.000m: 4:44.6

- that at 2.000m: 9:31.4 (4:46.6)

Together with her in the group initially there are also Elisa Marini, Lucrezia Nieri and Alessandra Cosi.

The turning point comes shortly after the passage to 2,000m when Lucrezia Nieri regardless of the two red cards for bent knee that weigh on her, thinks of playing her cards with a change of speed in the last 1,000m.





The change succeeds and surprisingly Lucrezia Nieri (she was credited with a time of 15:02.84) detaches her opponent by a few meters.

A lap goes by and Serena Di Fabio, probably due to a psychological crisis, is also reached and overtaken by the other rival. 


The detective story of the final of the race


The Chief Judge used his special power in the last 100m and DQed two athletes: Alessandra Cosi and Benedetta Falascioni, obviously after the finish line. 
After a protest accepted, it was established the correct arrival: Alessandra Cosi gained 2nd place and Benedetta Falasconi obtained the seventh.


New order of arrival:


Victory to Lucrezia Nieri in 14:08.17 smashed the personal best by 54.67/100 (previous of 15:02.84 obtained on Carrara, ITA on Jan 21, 2023)

Second place to Alessandra Cosi (previously DQed) in 14:16.96

Third place to Elisa Marini in 14:17.10 new personal best (previous of 14:25.60 obtained in Ancona this year)

Only ther fourth place to Serena Di Fabio in 14:28.99. For her, a day to forget !





5.000m indoor U18 boys



Giuseppe Disabato immediately takes the lead and it is understood that barring unforeseen events with the jury (moreover his walk has never had problems even at an international level) the race for victory will have no history.

The group led by Alessio Coppola and Matteo Arisi passes about ten meters away.


The split times every 1,000m take place as follows:

- At 1.000m in the lead Giuseppe Disabato (4:15.20), at about 30m Matteo Arisi and subsequently at another 30m Alessio Coppola. The following passages confirm the situation of the positions.

- At 2.000m: 8:35.3 (4:20.10)

- At 3.000m: 13:04.3 (4:29.0)

- At 4.000m: 17:33.3 (4:29.0)

- last 1.000m in 4:24.23


The competition for the other positions leaves no way out for improvisation. Just under 10 seconds separate the gold winner from the silver winner at the end, while another 19 seconds separate the silver from the bronze.




Arrival order:


Victory to Giuseppe Disabato in 21:57.53 new personal best (previous of 23:45.85 obtained in Padua, ITA on 6.2.2022)

Second place to Matteo Arisi in 22:06.73 new personal best (previous of 22:57.05 obtained in Ancona, ITA on 2.19.2022)

Third place to Alessio Coppola in 22:25.65 new personal best (previous of 22:28.58 obtained in Padua, ITA on 22.1.2023)

Fourth place to Luca Bello in 23:34.68 new personal best (previous of 25:08.80 obtained in Ancona, ITA on 2.19.2022)