22/04/2023   Susana Feitor was appointed President of the Board of Directors of the Sports Foundation



Susana Feitor, the most famous athlete of Rio Maior, was appointed President of the Board of Directors of the Sports Foundation.

Race walking coach since 2018, member of the National Sports Council, it was in 1990 that she brought from Plovdiv (Bulgaria), aged 15, the gold medal for Portugal, and Rio Maior.


Representing the Rio Maior Swimming Club, she became world champion in the 5 km walk, in juniors (now U20), with a mark that broke the championship record (21:44.30), 22 seconds ahead of the 2nd classified. Jorge Miguel was his coach.


She was present in 5 Olympic Games, being the Portuguese athlete with more participations in Olympic Games, and with 57 caps representing Portugal.

She has a degree in management of sports organizations from the Higher School of Sports in Rio Maior.


By Order of the Prime Minister and the Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, who oversees sport, he now assumes duties in this public body of national sport.

The Sports Foundation is a non-profit organization that coordinates the national network of high-performance centers (which includes the Internship Center of Rio Maior). It also aims to promote sport and physical well-being, through support and promotion of the development of sporting activities, as well as education, health, tourism, environment, economy, and increased physical activity among the population.