08/10/2023   The new London 2012 protocol ceremony in Hangzhou more than 11 years later



It was August 11, 2012 and the writer was there on the Mall in London judging one of the craziest races in the world history of race walking.

Less than two hours later the women's 20km race walk of the Games of the XXX Olympiad would end with victory on the beautiful course in front of Buckingham Palace with the victory of Elena Lashmanova (1:25:02 - WR), second place in Olga Kaniskina (1:25:09), third place to Qieyang Shenjie (1:25:16).

Followed by Liu Hong (1:26:00), Anisya Kirdyapkina (1:26:26), Liu Xiuzhi (1:27:10) and Elisa Rigaudo (1:27:36).

The next day there would be the awards ceremony at the Olympic stadium in London with a huge crowd.


A few years passed and doping events eliminated first Anisya Kirdyapkina, then Olga Kaniskina and recently also Elena Lashmanova from the finishing order.


Last week in the splendid setting of the stadium in which the Asian Games were held, on the Qiantang River Belt in Hangzhou (CHN), after well over 11 years, the final protocol award ceremony finally took place with the three Chinese athletes on the podium in memory of that memorable race.


What we present to you is the original video.

The writer was personally moved to see the three athletes met several times in their careers; the emotion was even greater when I saw Qieyang Shenjie unable to hold back her tears.





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那是 2012 年 8 月 11 日,作者在倫敦購物中心評判世界步行史上最瘋狂的比賽之一。

不到兩個小時後,第 30 屆奧林匹克運動會女子 20 公里競走比賽在白金漢宮前美麗的賽道上以奧爾加亞軍 Elena Lashmanova(1:25:02 - WR)的勝利告終卡尼斯金娜(1: 25:09),季軍切陽神傑(1:25:16)。
其次是劉虹(1:26:00)、Anisya Kirdyapkina(1:26:26)、劉秀智(1:27:10)和Elisa Rigaudo(1:27:36)。
幾年過去了,興奮劑事件首先淘汰了阿尼西亞·科迪亞普金娜(Anisya Kirdyapkina),然後是奧爾加·卡尼斯金娜(Olga Kaniskina),最近又淘汰了埃琳娜·拉諾娃(Elena Lashmanova)。
上週,在杭州錢塘江帶舉辦亞運會的體育場的壯麗背景下,時隔 11 年,最終的禮賓頒獎儀式終於在杭州舉行,三位中國運動員登上了領獎台。回憶那場令人難忘的比賽。
看到這三位運動員在職業生涯中多次相遇,筆者個人感到很感動; 看到切陽神傑忍不住流淚,心情更加激動。


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