20/06/2024   Eiki Takahasi (JPN) farewell



Eiki Takahashi, one of Japan's best-known race walkers in the last decade, has decided to retire from racing as of yesterday June 20, 2024


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La sua progressione nei 20km



His farewell
I have decided to resign from the Fujitsu Track and Field Club effective June 20th.
By joining Fujitsu in 2015 and becoming a member of the Fujitsu Track and Field Club, I have been able to spend time with and support my seniors and juniors colleagues who compete around the world in training and races, and interact with teammates in different events. It was a very happy experience to be in an environment where I could be stimulated.
I was able to start my tenth season with this team and have found many people I can call trusted friends, including people at work and team members, who have supported me through difficult times. I was very sad and hesitant to leave a team with so many memories, but to grow in a new place I consulted with those around me and decided to take the next step.
Since the Tokyo 2020 Olympics ended, I have been working towards my goal of competing at the next Paris 2024 Olympics and finishing with a smile on my face. However, starting this year, I realized that my performance base was diminishing. When I finished my race walk in the 20km Japanese Championship, which was a qualifying event for the 2024 Paris Olympics, where I unfortunately dropped out, I felt a strong desire to take the first step towards my new next goal.
I thank everyone who took care of me and supported me over the last 10 years, even when I wasn't able to compete as I wanted in an international competition or things weren't going well.
In particular I thank Coach Fumio Imamura and the staff who supported me, the trainers who supported me until late at night when I couldn't walk as I wanted due to an injury or anxious nights before the race, and the coaches who supported me until late at night, when I was having a hard time and felt like I was about to give up.
Thanks to the members of my walking team I was able to continue to do my best so far. Furthermore, I would also like to thank my middle school, high school and college coaches who always supported me, and those from my hometown, Iwate Prefecture, who always came to watch my competitions and continued to support me during video shooting also very grateful to my family. I am truly grateful to you.
In the future, I plan to return to my hometown, Iwate Prefecture, and take a new step as a teacher.
I regret my decision to retire mid-season and I will not have the opportunity to report directly to the people who have helped me over the years, but I hope that the next time I can meet everyone, I will be able to continue practicing my "march" that I have trained so far.
Thank you for your warm encouragement and support over the past 10 years.