05/08/2019   Lima (PER): Lima (PER): Brian Daniel Pintado Alvares (ECU) wins Pan-American Games in 1:21:51

There are sixteen athletes at the start in a huge crowd along the barriers that delimit the course, despite the rainy day

20km men
A group of ten athletes goes straight to the race: Caio De Sena Bonfim (BRA), Andres Eduardo Olivas Nunez (MEX), Eider Arevalo (COL), Jose Leonardo Montana Arevalo (COL), Carlos Sanchez Cantera (MEX), Jose Alejandro Barrondo Xux (GUA), Evan Dunfee (CAN), Mauricio Arteaga (ECU) and Richard Vargas (VEN).
The split times are as follows:
- 2km: Bonfim - 8:41
Juan Manuel Cano (ARG) and Moacir Zimmermand (BRA) took the lead at 4 km and passed in 17:12 (8:31)
The others follow them a few meters ahead with Caio Bonfim (BRA) in 17:14. Cano ARG) and Jose Raymundo Cox (GUA) unfortunately already suffers two red cards for contact.
- 6km: Mauricio José Arteaga Sanchez (ECU) took the lead of the race along with Evan Dunfee (CAN), Juan Manuel Cano (ARG), Jose Alejandro Barrondo Xuc (GUA) and with the others in a group just one meter apart. Part time is 25:43 (last lap of 8:29).
- 8km: they take the lead in eight athletes led by Evan Dunfee (CAN) who pass in 33:59 (last lap at 8:16). The pace is increased but the selection is late in coming.
The eight are: Dunfee (carged by one red card for bent knee), Arteaga, Sanchez Cantera, Barrondo Xuc, Arevalo, Araya, Olivas Nunez (MEX) and Mountain Arevalo. Immediately behind 1 "there are Bonfim, Vargas, and Pintado.
Half race:
Mauricio Arteaga (42:13) takes the lead but there are still ten in the group.
The last lap was covered in 8:14.
Sanchez Cantera is charged by a red card, while Jose Raymundo Cox (GUA) goes to serve a penalty of 2:00 in the Penalty Zone (and after he will stop the race and DNF).



- 12km: fast lap of Mauricio Arteaga (50:24 - last lap in 8:11). Nine remain in the leading group, at the bottom of which are Evan Dunfee and Eider Arevalo. Sanchez Cantera, however, receives the second red card, while in second place.
Meanwhile the  home athlete ose Carlos Mamani Flores (PER) was disqualified.

- 14km: with a change of pace (last lap 8:02) Caio Bonfim (BRA) goes to lead the pack followed by Mauricio Arteaga (ECU), Carlos Sanchez Cantera (MEX), Jose Alejandro Barrondo Xuc (GUA). Wheel: Pintado (ECU), Montana Aréval or (COL), Dunfee (CAN).
Their passing time is 58:26. Eider Arevalo suffers only 10th in 58:57 detached 30".

- 16km: impressive pace change, but Caio Bonfim (BRA) and Jose Alejandro Barrondo Xuc (GUA) are always in the lead. Behind them Brian Daniel Pintado (ECU) and Mauricio Arteaga (ECU).
Their passage time is 1:06:16 (last lap in 7:50).
Eider Arevalo (COL) stopped and DNF. Carlos Sanchez Cantera (MEX) also goes to the penalty zone for 2:00 and decides to abandon the race.
- 18km there are three to play for the medals: Caio Bonfim (BRA), Jose Alejandro Barrondo Xuc (GUA) and Brian Daniel Pintado (ECU).
Their passage time is 1:14:10 (last lap in 7:54). Arteaga is in fourth position.



Victory to Brian Daniel Pintado Alvares (ECU) in 1:21:51 (ultimo giro in 7:54)

Silver to Caio Bonfim (BRA) in 1:21.57

Bronze to Jose Alejandro Barrondo Xuc (GUA) in 1:21.57

Fourth place to Mauricio Arteaga (ECU) in 1:22:23








Some technical consoderations


Readers who have been following us for some time, particularly in Italy, know that we have been reporting a substantial difference between the national judgment in Italy and the international standard for some time.
Several times we have tried with news, comments and presentations to try to focus particularly by reducing "the bent knee calls" to moments of absolute visibility and certainty.
In this regard, we also published the proceedings of a conference at the beginning of the year at the Clinical University Institute of Verano Brianza (ITA) on March 30, 2019.
For the proceedings click on the link below:

The careful reading of the red cards sent by the judges on the occasion of the two 20km of these Pan-American Championships, brings to our attention this problem that we thought was only local in Italy.
We know very well that each race is evaluated by itself by a different jury, but believe us it is really very difficult to observe and reason on the data of the following table, when usually we were used to exactly the opposite: many more calls for "contact" than for  "bent knee".


Event Athletes at start Red Cards  Bent Knee % No Contact %
20 women 14 22 15 68,2 7 31,8
20 men 16 28 16 57,1 12 42,9
Total 30 50 31 62,0 19 38,0


Seeing 50 red cards against 30 athletes at the start certainly leaves one puzzled because it means that the athlete's technical background is completely wrong (or the judgement is wrong). In this race we observed that Eider Arevalo was sanctioned with a call for "benk knee".
Knowing the walk of Arevalo and having had the opportunity to observe it over time, we strongly doubt that the athlete may have problems with "bent knee" of such importance and severity.
We accept the decision of the jury, but we invite everyone to a serious reflection on the subject.
The electronic insoles will resolve (at least we hope) the subjectivity of the contact, but the evaluation of the "bent knee" will still be left to the judge.
We would not want another front of endless discussion to be opened.


(all photos thanks to Pierce O'Callaghan - IRL)





Full results (women also) in the section Results or directly download from this  link: click here