14/01/2020   Leiria (POR): Victories of Miguel Rodriguez and Ines Henriques




Leiria (POR) hosted the 5th Leiria Race Walking Challenge on Sunday 5 January 2020, an event also combined with the Regional Race Walking Championships and open to all youth categories.

As part of this meeting, the two extra tests on the 20km distance reserved for senior athletes were held.
20km men
After a race walked together for almost the entire distance, three of them showed up on the finishing line.
Victory for Miguel Rodriguez (POR) in 1:27:42
Second place to Miguel Carvalho (POR) in 1:27:43
Third place to Helder Santos (POR) in 1:27:52
The move to 10km had seen Rui Coelho (POR) lead the race in 44:34 which then stopped at the intermediate finish.
The three contenders who then completed the 20km went halfway through the race in:
- Miguel Carvalho: 44:43
- Miguel Rodrigues: 44:44
- Heider Santos: 44:44
and with them there was also Paulo Martins (POR) who then completed the 20km in 1:28:26
Seven athletes at the start of the 20km race (10 overall also included the shortest event) and all completed the race.
For information only Joao Vieira (POR) participated in the 10km which ended in 53:55
20km women
The final result only records the arrival of Ines Henriques (POR) in 1:35:20 after a mid-race pass of 48:00.
In the 10km victory in Carolina Costa (POR) in 47:27
Second place in Mara Ribeiro (POR) in 48:13
Third place in Joana Pontes (POR) in 48:35







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