12/02/2020   Athletes section: updating of the best men's athletes in the world 2019 (third and last part)




We end the presentation of the reports of the best athletes in the world of 2019 with the following table that summarizes the athletes of Europe:





  Europa Belarus 1
    France 1
    Germany 2
    Great Britain 1
    Poland 1
    Portugal 1
    ANA - Russia 1
    Slovakia 1
    Spain 4
    Sweden 1
    Turkey 1
    Ukraine 2
  Total Europe 12 Nazioni 17 atleti




Clicking on each athlete will open a page which contains the most important data of the athlete such as:
- personal best
- medals won in the most important competitions
- progressions over the years in its most important races
- the averages of the best 10 performances in its most important races
At the bottom of the page, clicking on "Download attachment - Scarica l'allegato" will open a new page with a PDF that can be used.
In the event that errors are noticed, please let us know by sending us a PDF copy of the official results so that in turn we can send them to the company that takes care of the ranking on behalf of Worls Athletics for the appropriate corrections.


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