11/07/2020   A Marcha é Para Todos (POR): Lousada, Leiria and Faro


"A Marcha é Para Todos" is a walking challenge, which takes place in 3 different locations (Lousada - Porto; Pombal - Leiria and Faro - Algarve) at the same time (20:30) at the same distance (3,000 meters).
The choice of this distance was made because 3.000m will be the race that will assign the title of National Champion in this particular season in the National Championships of Portugal.
Women and men compete in every single city, on the same track but in lane 1 for women, and in lane 5 for men.
They will be able to compete by 3 and 5 athletes by gender, as in a cycling time trial (with departures every 20 seconds, in the order of the best and worst registration times).
A system that we allow ourselves to define interesting at this particular moment in which attention to safety is at the highest levels.
Pariticipatins in Lousada are: Vitória Oliveira, Maria Bernardo, Bruna Marques Sandra Silva and Mariana Patrão (in women); Manuel Marques, Afonso Rol, André Ventura and Paulo Rigor (in men).
Participating in Pombal are: Mara Ribeiro, Joana Pontes, Vera Santos and Vera Portela (in women); João Vieira, Rúben Santos and Paulo Cunha (in men).
Participating in Faro are: Ana Cabecinha, Edna Barros and Mariana Mestre (in women); Pedro Dias, Tiago Ramos and Guilherme Alves (in men).


We followed in particular the test in Faro where the two athletes trained by Paulo Murta, Ana Cabecinha (POR) and Edna Barros (POR) competed.
These are their partials below.


Ana Cabecinha:


600m:    2:26.60

1.000m: 4:08.26 (1:42.66)

1.400m: 5:50.04 (1:41.78)

1.800m: 7:34.12 (1:44.08)

2.200m: 9:19.77 (1:45.65)

2.600m: 11:06.29 (1:46.52)

3.000m: 12:48.47 (1:42:18)







Edna Barros:


600m:    2:29.21

1.000m: 4:13.23 (1:44.02)

1.400m: 5:57.87 (1:44.64)

1.800m: 7:43.43 (1:45.56)

2.200m: 9:30.23 (1:46.80)

2.600m: 11:16.97 (1:46.74)

3.000m: 12:59.38 (1:42.41)


Third place to Mariana Mestre (POR) in 17:54.75


In men victory to Pedro Dias (POR) in 13:20.12 with the following split times clocked, however, in the 5th lane (equal to 7 laps).

1st lap: 1:49.86

2nd lap: 1:56.50 (3:46.36)

3rd lap: 1:56.41 (5:42.77)

4th lap: 1:57.10 (7:39.87)

5th lap: 1:56.77 (9:36.64)

6th lap: 1:56.86 (11:33.50)

7th lap: 1:46.62 (13:20.12)


Second place to Tiago Ramos (POR) in 14:23.59

Third place to Guilherme  Alves (POR) in 15:40.27








Full official results in the section Results or directrly download from this link: click here






In women victory to Vitoria Oliveira (POR) in 13:58.49

Second place to Maria Bernardo (POR) in 14:37.66

Third place to Bruna Marques (POR) in 14:51.99


In men victory to Manuel Marques (POR) in 13:58.49

Second place to Andre Miranda (POR) in 15:32.17

Third place to Paulo Rigor (POR) in 16:32.17




Full official results in the section Riesults or directly download from this link: click here






In women victory to Johana Pontes (POR) in 13:36.65

Second place to Vera Santos (POR) in 14:00.13

Terzo posto a Mara Ribeiro (POR) in 14:26.24


In men victory to Joao Vieira (POR) in 11:33.61 winnner of the overall Men Challenge.

Below are his split times every 1,000m.

1.000m: 3.52
2.000m: 7.42 (3.50)
3.000m: 11.33 (3.51)

Second place to Paulo Cunha (POR) in 14:04.93

Third place to Guilherme Rodrigues (POR) in 14:09.55



Full official results in the section Results or directly download from this link: click here