23/08/2021   World Athletics against Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez (MEX): decision of the Disciplinary Tribunal



Everyone will remember the case of Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez (MEX) found positive at an Out-of-Conmpetition Control on 17.10.2018 ( for the news click here ).
The result of the control was adverse for her: positivity to trenbolone, an anabolic steroid.
On 9.5.2010 the decision of the Sports Court ( for the news click here ) was a 4-year ban starting from 16.11.2018 with the cancellation of the results obtained from 17.10.2018 to 16.11.2018.
This disqualification had allowed Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez to keep all the medals she won, including that of the 2018 World Team Walking Championships in Taicang.
The athlete then declared that she would appeal to the CAS/TAS, which promptly took place within the prescribed deadline.
However, it happened that during the dispute during the process at the Sports Court, the athlete, in order to obtain a possible initial reduction of the sentence, presented a forged document and therefore had "manipulated the evidence". This fact was the subject of an analysis by the Athletics Integrity Unit of the World Athletics which deemed it worthy of a new prosecution and therefore of a new further disciplinary procedure for "Tampering" as required by art. 10.7.4 of the Anti-Doping Rules.
On 30.7.2021 the Sole Arbitrator of the Disciplinary Court, Lucas Ferrer of Barcelona (ESP), issued his decision imposing a further period of ineligibility on the athlete which will start from 16.11.2022 (at the end of the previous ineligibility period) and will end on 15.11.2026.
Obviously, Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez has 30 days to appeal to the CAS/TAS.