25/01/2023   Winston Salem (USA): Indoor season 2023 meetings



The indoor season continues in the United States in Colleges.
After the Friends University First Challenge Qualifier held in Wichita, Kansas on January 7, the Mondo College Indoor Invitational took place on January 14 in Winston Salem, North Carolina on the traditional USA distances of 3,000m indoors for both men and women.


The results of both days of competitions can be downloaded from these following links



Wichita official results

Winston Salem (Jan 14) official results




Also in Winston Salem on Sunday 22 January the JDL Fast Track Meeting took place, also with two walking events always on the usual distances of 3,000m for both men and women.



3.000m indoor men


Victory for Daniel (Dan) Nehnevaj (USA) in 13:47.73.

The 25-year-old USA athlete had obtained a brilliant second place in 2:47:48 in the 35km USA Championship the previous weekend, setting his new personal best by breaking up the previous one (2:59:22 of 16.1.22) by 11:34.

Second place to Carson Johnson (USA) in 13:54.50

Third place to Andrew Thornton (USA) in 16:25.04



3.000m indoor women


The number of athletes at the start (11) was judged by the jury too high for a 200m flat oval and two sections by time were carried out.

The strangeness, however, was that ten athletes competed in the first section while only one in the second which then obtained the sixth place overall.

On January 14th, again in Winston Salem, we had witnessed the victory of Izabelle Trefts, but behind her there had been an incandescent fight for the other two places of honour which was resolved by 1/100 of a second in favour of Ainoha Colino on Victoria Heiser-Whatley.


On Sunday 22 January, however, another incandescent fight in the rematch, but this time for the victory given the absence of Izabelle Trefts  in goes to Victoria Heiser-who detaches her opponent on the finish line by 22/100 of a second.


Victory to Victoria Heiser-Whatley (USA) in 15:39.46

Second place in Ainoha Colino (USA) in 15:40.08

Third place to Jessica Heiser-Whatley (USA) in 15:55.78



Winston Salem (Jan 22) official results