2022 Apr 2 - Podebrady (CZE)

20 km men - Second place to Perseus Karlstrom
20km men: Caio Bonfim during the last part of the race
20km men: Caio Bonfim victory
20km men: David Kenny is third
20km men: Gianluca Picchiottino after the race
20km men: the start
20km women - Chasers group
20km women - Feige is second Ordonez third
20km women - Fight for second and third place
20km women - Leading pack
20km women - Leading pack
20km women - Martinkova is fifth
20km women - second and third place after there arrival
20km women - the start
20km women - Valentina Trapletti arrival
20km women - Valeria Ortuno victory