02/07/2020   Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez (MEX): CAS-TAS confirms the disqualification of four years




Today Thursday 2 July 2020, CAS-TAS in Lausanne confirmed the disqualification imposed on Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez by the Athletics Integrity Unit of the World Athletics.
The Mexican athlete had been suspended for 4 years from 16.11.2018 due to the presence of a prohibited substance (Epitrenbolone - article 2.1) and use of a prohibited substance / method (Trenbolone - article 2.2) during a surprise test sent by WADA which had also brought her the theoretical cancellation of the results from 17.10.2018 to 16.11.2018.
Before the deadline for the appeal at the CAS, Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez had declared in an interview with El Tiempo digital.mx
she would have appealed to CAS-TAS of Lausanne as the had "a high passport of 10 or 12 tests that they have done to me and is a public biological passport. I don't need any substance or method to take advantage of it.
Today, as in other similar cases, the word end of the CAS with the Arbitral Award 2019/A/6319.
The arbitration panel was composed of:
- President: Mr. Ercus Stewart - Ireland
- Arbitrator: Dr. Annabelle Bennett - Australia
- Arbitrator: Prof. Massimo Coccia - Italy